Eve Ferret - Whoops Apocalypse - TV series 1982 Synopses: A light-hearted look at the final week before doomsday. American President Johnny Cyclops is trying to run a re-election campaign while dealing with the Russians, a deposed Shah needing to be hidden, and a new weapon called a 'quark' bomb. Meanwhile, Lacrobat, the infamous terrorist, has stolen one of the quark bombs and is trying to get it into the Middle East. Stopping Lacrobat, getting the Shah to safety, placating the Russians and winning the election will require a brilliantly planned and perfectly executed strategy on the part of President Cyclops...

Eve Ferret character: Panellist
in "Lucifer and the Lord" (Season 1, Episode 4)

TV series information:
Writers: Andrew Marshall, David Renwick
Genres: Comedy
Release Date: 4 April 1982 (UK)

Barry Morse (President Johnny Cyclops), John Barron (The Deacon), Alexei Sayle (Commisar Solzhenitsyn), Ed Bishop (Jay Garrick), Nicholas Amer (French Agent (as Nicolas Amer), Neville Barber (Gendarme), Danny Brainin (Nathan Klugman (as Daniel Brainin), Constantine Gregory (French Commanding Officer), Nicky Henson (Engelbert), Lou Hirsch (Jed Grodd), Murray Kash (Donovan), Jack Klaff (Dwight), Bruce Montague (Shah Mashiq Rassim), Iain Ormsby-Knox (Lt. Popigay), Janene Possell (Nurse), Eve Ferret (Panellist)...

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