Eve Ferret - She Wolf Of London - Film 1990

Eve Ferret - She Wolf Of London - Film 1990

Synopses: A "Bogman" (long dead man preserved by the peat of the bog) is dug up by Ian's distant Aunt Gertie in a small town and some of the locals decide that it is going to bring tourist revenues. But local man, Angus, decries it as a terrible thing. Ian and Randi are called in to investigate. Angus is right. Still, the town-folk setup the Bogman on display in the pub to allow for viewing.
Soon Gertie is dead and Angus is ranting as a local barmaid is claiming that she saw that the Bogman "moved" as she was doing the cleaning up of the pub. No one believes her, but a few nights later the Bogman moves on her.
While staying at a local inn, Ian and Randi must share a single room with two twin beds, a la "It Happened One Night", which Ian references as they make accommodations amenable. The hunt is now afoot.

Eve Ferret character: Abigail Willoughby
In episode "The Bogman of Letchmoor Heath (16 Oct. 1990) in Season 1, Episode 2

Film information:
Director: Roger Cheveley
Writers: Tom McLoughlin (creator), Mick Garris (creator), Anthony Adams (written by)
TV Episode
Runtime: 47 min
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Kate Hodge (Randi Wallace), Neil Dickson (Dr. Ian Matheson), Scott Fults (Julian Matheson), Jean Challis (Mum Matheson), Arthur Cox (Dad Matheson), Dorothea Phillips (Aunt Elsa), John Hallam (Fergus), Pamela Duncan (Gertie), Charles Lewsen (Angus as Charles Lewson), Eve Ferret (Abigail Willoughby), Roger Winslet (Mr. Oates as Roger Winslett), Adrian Cairns (Reverend Goodbody), Richard Coleman (PC Leary), Stuart Gordon (Fiddler), Andy Davis (Bodhranist)

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