MR MAJEIKA - 1990-88

Eve Ferret - Mr Majeika - TV series 1988-90 Synopses: Mr Majeika is an irrepressible wizard, sent to England (called 'Britland') from the planet Walpurgis because he has failed his O-level sorcery exam for the seventeenth time. He drops into the sleepy village of Much Barty, finding a post at St Barty's School as Class Three's new form-teacher, where he quickly befriends two of the children, Melanie Brace-Girdle (daughter of Bunty Brace-Girdle, a busy-body local councillor) and Thomas Grey (later replaced by an Asian boy, Prince). Only they realise his ability to produce weird and wonderful sorcery...

Eve Ferret character: Pam Bigmore in 15 episodes, 1988-1990

TV series information:
Genres: Comedy, Family
Country: UK
Language: English
Release Date: 13 March 1988 (UK)
Production Co: TVS Television

Stanley Baxter (Mr. Majeika), Claire Sawyer (Melanie Brace-Girdle), Simeon Pearl (Hamish Bigmore), Roland MacLeod (Dudley Potter) , Richard Murdoch (Worshipful Wizard), Fidelis Morgan (Bunty Brace-Girdle), Eve Ferret (Pam Bigmore), Andrew Read (Thomas Grey)


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