MAIGRET - 1988

Eve Ferret - Maigret - TV series 1988 Synopses: Rumpled French detective Maigret's friend Mr. Durban, a private investigator, is killed while riding the train to Paris and his body is dumped in a river. This touches off a hunt for the killer(s) that leads to a rich industrialist and a family full of entanglements. The deaths multiply until Maigret finds the key.
Richard Harris plays the part of Maigret superbly. His interviewing of suspects is so very intense that the air fairly crackles as he performs. All in all a very good mystery.

Eve Ferret character: Mrs. Tippet

TV series information:
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: Arthur Weingarten
Country: UK
Language: English Production Co: Columbia Pictures Television

Richard Harris (Jules Maigret), Patrick O'Neal (Kevin Portman), Victoria Tennant (Victoria Portman), Ian Ogilvy (Daniel Portman), Barbara Shelley (Louise Maigret), Dominique Barnes (Tara Portman), Eric Deacon (Tony Portman), Richard Durden (Julian Braden), Andrew McCulloch (Sgt. Lucas), Annette Andre (Judith Hollenbeck), Caroline Munro (Carolyn Page), Don Henderson (Barge Captain), Mark Audley (Ekers), Eve Ferret (Mrs. Tippet), Lachele Carl (Sgt. Leila Normand)