STRAY - 2013

Stepped onto the moon and shot to Venus with excitment that a short film Stray I have worked on with amazing David Stewart, Tom Stewart, Mark Summerfield and appear in along side the wonderful Dudley Sutton, Jenny Runacre, Molly Goddard and Alice Goddard, has been selected to be in the London Short Film Festival January 10-19, 2014.

The LSFF is an annual event that showcases some of the best short-film making talent in the UK. Check out the film trailer below!
David Stewart's short film, Stray, will be screening in the London Short Film Festival January 10-19, 2014.

Eve Ferret - Stray - Short 2013 Synopses: A man takes on unusual characteristics after a loss, seeking comfort in familiar places.

Eve Ferret character:

Film information:
Type: Shortfilm
Director: David Stewart
Running time: 9:48
Country of production: United Kingdom
Year of production: 2013
Production: David Stewart photography
Distribution: David Stewart photography
Category: Art
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Art/Installation
Subject matter: Relationship, Loneliness, Portrait, Journey, Dream
Colour: Color

Director, Producer, Distribution: David Stewart (David Stewart photography)
Editor: Tom Stewart
Sound: Roz Wilson (
Music Composer: Lester Barnes
Art Director: Eve Ferret , Mark Summerfield

Dudley Sutton, Jenny Runacre, Eve Ferret, Molly Goddard and Alice Goddard


Eve Ferret - Stray - Short Film 2013
Scene from Stray 2013 with Eve Ferret and Dudley Sutton

Watch trailer:

Stray - Jenny Runacre Stray - Dudley Sutton Stray - Molly Goddard Stray - Alice Goddard
Jenny Runacre Dudley Sutton Molly Goddard Alice Goddard